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About Us

Every country has its own cultural heritage. This culture is made differently in
  different country. In Bangladesh this is known as folk culture, which contains   a vast reservoir of folk songs. Folk songs are our original country music,     which formed the basis of our culture Folk and Baul songs reflect our     traditional values,heritage and spiritual dimension;

MP3 song of BAUL


Listen MP3 songs of Pally Baul`s for free !



To establish the value of Baul Artists of the society, in remote area, through organizing training for them and to highlight the abolishing folk culture through organizing entertaining cultural program.
We work relentlessly to promote the thousand year rich Folk Cultural heritage of Bangladesh to the world.
To related the Folk artists/Bauls in different social and economic activities e.g. awareness raising of the community people through organizing musical programs highlighting the development issues, like rehabilitation of disabled children, environmental pollution, gender discrimination, family planning, social exploitation, organize forming personal hygiene, E.P.L, safe (Arsenic free) water, sanitation. Child-rights, child labor etc and to promote secular culture and outlook in social life.


Our Achievements

Under the project 'Preservation of Music and Cultural Traditions' in 2004 -2005 with The Embassy of The United States of America, Dhaka, Bangladesh the organization has covered 60 schools all over Bangladesh with their school awareness programmes on the country's rich musical heritage.
From our ongoing project 'Preservation & Awareness Raising on Folklore Tradition' with The Embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany, Dhaka, Bangladesh we have all ready able to find out 'Top Ten Baul Artists and Top Six Musicians' (Under-30) of Bangladesh.
PBSUS handed over documentation CD of Baul songs featuring 50 mystical songs in MP3 format to each of the schools, which will definitely help preserve these precious songs.
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